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Lost and Found 

We regularly have a number of Pets in our Hospital that have been found wandering, (some of them had been injured) and no owner has come forward. The first thing we do with any lost pet is to check for a micro-chip, if the lost pet is micro-chipped we can call the owner straight away and the pet is re-united with them very quickly, if not it makes it very difficult and we need to follow the procedures set out below.

We have a policy of keeping found pets in our hospital for 7 days (with the exception of dogs which we are required by law to hand over to the Animal Control department at the Council), if no owner has come forward in that time, we actively seek to re-home them.

Dogs: If a dog is brought in to us that has been found wandering, as required by law, we will notify the Animal Control Department at the Council who will collect the dog and take it to their contractor's kennels, if the dog is injured we will treat its injuries before it is handed over to the Animal control Department.

Cats: We will keep found cats that have been brought to us for a period of 7 days, if the cat is injured we will treat its injuries, if no owner has come forward within 7 days, we work with Cats Protection to re-home lost cats.

Other Pets: we operate a similar system to the one we use for cats.

It really is well worthwhile having your pet micro-chipped.  For a relatively small cost, you can save a lot of heartache if your pet is lost


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